Platformatic AI-Warp


Seamlessly integrate AI functionalities into your applications

AI-Warp offers a gateway for AI providers and user services to streamline the integration of different AI Large Language Models and services into your applications from a single API.


Available as a Stackable template within our Stackable Marketplace, AI-Warp serves as a unification layer that standardises interactions between your applications and various AI service providers.
Whether you're enhancing existing applications or building new ones, AI-Warp provides the tools to integrate AI services smoothly, effectively, and at scale. Designed with flexibility in mind, AI-Warp empowers developers and enterprises to unlock the potential of AI with a suite of powerful features:

Unified API Interface

AI-Warp provides a single, streamlined interface for interacting with various AI providers, simplifying integration and development. An OpenAPI definition is available.

Configurable Authentication

AI-Warp integrates with any JWT-producing identify provider as well as any other custom authentication solution via, allowing for secure and easy user authentication configurations tailored to your specific needs.

Flexible Rate Limiting

Control usage patterns with customizable rate-limiting options. Set maximum request limits, define callbacks for exceeding limits, and create user profiles that adapt to diverse usage scenarios, whether it's high-demand enterprise applications or individual use cases.

Extensible Platform

Built for growth, AI-Warp is compatible with Fastify plugins, allowing for extensive customization and functionality enhancements as your needs evolve.

Advanced API Functions

Utilize for sending prompts and for continuous interactions. Additional features include prompt decoration and response modification for tailored control.

Broad Compatibility

Integrate AI services with ease. AI-Warp currently supports major providers like OpenAI, Mistral, Azure OpenAI, and Ollama. It also supports running models locally with llama2.

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