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The fast backend

development platform

Upgrade your existing backend from a monolith to a modern, distributed system.

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Take Fastify from a
framework to a runtime

Platformatic offers a “batteries-included” developer experience with best practices for building APIs (REST/OpenAPI or GraphQL with more to come)

Simple to
implement, run
and scale


Create custom APIs by mixing and matching different endpoints without writing code.


Manage complex API ecosystems out-of-the-box.


Consolidate your Node.js applications and microservices into a single unit for deployment


Deploy Node.js applications with pull request previews, rapid deploys and observability built in.

Avoid re-inventing
the wheel

For too long, repetitive, time-consuming & complex processes and growing demands have led to terrible developer experiences.

With Fastify and Node.js at its core, Platformatic’s instant backend development and runtime platform offers a suite of tools to solve this, including native database integration, integration with existing CI/CD tools, and observability.


Bring your own REST routes and GraphQL resolvers, and leverage the power of Fastify's 250+ plugins to extend functionalities and customize them according to your evolving needs

Out-of-the Box

Bootstrap a ready-to-go application in one simple command: works great for development and in production.

Build more with less

Build more
with less

A modern enterprise needs to keep at pace with user demands without over-burdening its platform engineering team.

Platformatic’s resilient backend architecture offers peace of mind for enterprises by minimizing deployment risks and offering a simple way to seamlessly extend an application’s backend

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Our products can be self-hosted on-prem, in a private cloud, or on Platformatic’s managed cloud service.

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Ship faster

Platformatic provides an out-of-the box, modular platform engineering solution to cut infrastructure development work by up to 90%: deploying a preview server takes only 90 seconds.

Minimise deployment risks

Generate a map of microservices connections and dependencies to assess application architecture and deployment risks, and consolidate all your applications into a single unit for deployment.

Flexibly extend your backend

Build and extend your backend on top of your current tech stack – including familiar frameworks like Fastify and Express–with as much flexibility as you need.