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The simple, fast and type safe backend for modern frontends

Create the APIs you need for innovative digital experiences, without sacrificing operational best practices, type safety and flexibility.

It all starts with
npm create platformatic@latest
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Building APIs
just got easier

Running Platformatic’s simple npx command frees you from the boring, repetitive, and time-consuming REST, Open API and GraphQL API development tasks.

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Create your API with instantaneous out-of-the-box documentation

Build and extend your backend on top of your current tech stack. No more hours spent on documentation - Platformatic has you covered.

Stack your API atop existing applications, integrate it into existing API ecosystems simply, or build from scratch quickly with our modular platform.

Go from prototype to production with less boilerplate work

From batteries-included API setup with Platformatic Service to automatic schema generation via Platformatic DB, and API aggregation via Platformatic Composer, we've got you covered. We manage authentication, authorization, CI/CD, and performance monitoring, while providing an API gateway with code-as-a-service for seamless collaboration.

Focus on delivering creative experiences with best practices baked in

Platformatic offers an opinionated take on distributed backends without being prescriptive, enabling customization with 260+ Fastify plugins.


consume your API

From your frontend

Simplify frontend REST API consumption and create a dependency-free, frontend client. Create Fastify plugins to expose and create a client for a remote OpenAPI or GraphQL APIs.

Get Started

platformatic frontend <URL> ts

Platformatic Client generates frontend code for importing into your app to consume REST APIs.


While no complex validations are performed at runtime, all Platformatic APIs come with generated types, guaranteeing end-to-end type safety.

Based on fetch

Runs on every JavaScript runtime, with no external dependencies.

For service to service communications

Simplify service to service communications with Platformatic Client

Automatic client generation

Take OpenAPI Schemas or GraphQL endpoints and automatically generate a client

Secure communications

Type safe intra-service communications

Open Telemetry

Out-of-the-box Open Telemetry for distributed tracing and easily creating span across services.


Works for you, your team, and your architecture

Scale your applications confidently with our versatile platform, accommodating various architectures without compromising on best practices.

No more compromising the power of distributed development

Integrate seamlessly into existing architecture to scale without disruptions or constraints.

Analyze services, access OpenAPI composition, allow code updates with hot module reloading and run apps in a single process, all with a familiar CLI and API experience.

Move fast without breaking things

Take advantage of our integrated risk engine, utilizing taxonomy and live traffic data to mitigate breaking change risks and impacts.

Risk engine available for Cloud and Enterprise customers

Create archetypes and share with your team

Forget about starter kits, we give you the Legoⓒ blocks you need for consistency across your applications or to simply kickstart new projects as they arise.

We’ll be your BFF

Compose services without the usual backend for frontend hassle. We detect changes via CI , with route duplication detection included.


Develop as a microservice,
deploy as a monolith

Accelerate and simplify the execution of microservices without compromising the power of distributed development.

Leverage simple deployment and operational processes and structures

Consolidate your Node.js applications and microservices into a single unit for deployment with Platformatic Runtime, interconnecting your services in memory, without using any networking.

Log and trace automatically to de-risk your applications

Powered by Pino with a multi-threaded setup, process and distribute your logs with minimal overhead.
Leverage Open Telemetry for distributed tracing within your Platformatic APIs.

Never miss a beat: monitor issues in real time

Out-of-the-box tracing with OpenTelemetry. Detailed metrics and support via Prometheus.

Deploy your Node.js applications anywhere that works for you

Whether it be on your cloud, on our managed cloud service, or self-hosted on-prem, deploy your Platformatic applications wherever is best for you.

Timer large icon 90 seconds

is all it takes to deploy a preview environment using Platformatic.

Discover the best deployment and hosting experience for Node.js applications.

Our Cloud environment is built atop the highly performant Fastify web framework, providing logging, request validation and a robust plugin system for a developer-centric experience.

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more than just a tool

We help developers create efficient, secure and memorable applications, without the usual time-consuming issues that have historically plagued backend development.

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