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Introducing Platformatic v1.0.0, Breaking Change Detector and Stackables

Welcome to our launch! Our co-founders, CEO Luca Maraschi and CTO Matteo Collina provide an overview of the exciting new enterprise features we are launching today and why they are so important in this day and age.

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Introducing the Platformatic Breaking Change Detector for Microservices

At Platformatic, we understand that microservices offer incredible flexibility, but managing the ripple effects of changes can be complex. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our latest innovation - the Platformatic Breaking Change Detector.

What is the Breaking Change Detector?

The Platformatic Breaking Change Detector steps in as your guardian, offering a crystal-clear view of the impact a change will have on the public API level and which teams it will affect, empowering developers to push new code with confidence, knowing exactly how their changes will impact their company’s entire microservice ecosystem.

How does it work?

Imagine it’s 4:30 pm the day before Black Friday, and time for the last git push for a simple fix in one of your APIs before your e-commerce platform’s sale launches. It shouldn’t break anything, but a few seconds later, the payment API is down and e-commerce is down. What happens next?

Teams, specifically individual developers, are constantly pressured to keep business functionalities running while pushing fast new features to consumers. Will this change break something? Will this change affect any other team? These are the common questions in every developer’s mind before pushing code to production.

The Breaking Change Detector delves deep into your microservices architecture, leveraging live OpenTelemetry data to map out dependencies and interactions, allowing users to even detect services that they were not aware of. By integrating with your CI and leveraging multiple data points through open tracing and client integration, when a change is made, it analyzes potential risks, identifying what could break and the likelihood of that happening. This insight empowers your teams to make informed decisions and reduce the uncertainty that often comes with pushing new code.

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Introducing Stackables

At Platformatic, we're all about empowering development teams with tools that enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and eliminate roadblocks. That's why we're excited to introduce our latest game-changer - Platformatic Stackables.

What are Stackables?

Picture this: a new team kicks off a project, and the last thing you want is for them to waste precious time setting up configurations from scratch. Enter Platformatic Stackables – the ultimate templates for Fastify that come packed with everything your team needs. Say goodbye to repetitive setup tasks and welcome a world of accelerated development.

How do Platformatic Stackables work?

Every company’s architecture has its unique requirements and a diverse range of customizations. With Stackables, you can have your cake and eat it too.

When embarking on a new, time-sensitive project, the last thing you want is to get caught up in the labyrinth of manual configurations. Stackables offers a deterministic, composable template model that you can use to build your base application quickly and simply, allowing for the simple layering of your specific configurations.

With Stackables, you can take your configurations, package them into shareable modules, and publish them on your internal npm registry, allowing all teams to access and utilize the same core configuration. The result? A reduction in maintenance costs, streamlined development, and significant time-savings.

No more starter kit woes

Starter kits are often embraced to cut onboarding costs, but can lead to high maintenance expenses and architecture fragmentation. Stackables disrupt this pattern, tackling the heart of building concerns: standardization, measurability, and operational cost reduction.

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