Platformatic Service

Get rid of the undifferentiated heavy lifting when building Fastify APIs

Starting new projects and APIs is tedious. We aim to streamline this process, enabling quick access to a production-ready setup with Platformatic Service, an HTTP server that provides a starting point for creating a Node.js API on top of the Fastify framework, with batteries-included defaults.


Platformatic Service

Service feature diagram architecture desktop monitor


Batteries included project generator

Prometheus metrics

OpenAPI schema generation

Open Telemetry integration

Fast live reloads during development

File-system based routing

Customize with automatic types

GraphQL integration

Third-party API client generation

Type-Safe Configuration management with Dotenv support

Customizable via Node.js and Fastify plugins, with automatic types

Getting started

npm create platformatic@latest
Be sure to select Service as the project type.
You can then migrate existing Fastify or Express applications onto Platformatic Service.

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