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Why choose Platformatic
to complement Node.js?

Seamless Scaling

Platformatic enables you to scale your Node.js applications effortlessly. With its fully extensible architecture, built upon Fastify and Node.js, you can leverage your existing infrastructure choices without the need for extensive rebuilds or restructuring.

Baked-in guardails

Platformatic offers out-of-the-box functionality with instructions and guardrails for building scalable & distributed Node.js applications. Our best practice suggestions encompass 10+ years of Node.js expertise and empower you to build efficient and maintainable Node.js apps while moulding to your current parameters.

Turbocharged API Development and Deployment

Platformatic empowers Node.js developers to ship APIs faster. With Platformatic's open-source tools and best practices baked in, you can accelerate your development process, reduce complexity, and deliver high-quality APIs efficiently.

Consolidate your Node.js applications and microservices effortlessly

Platformatic Runtime consolidates your Node.js applications into a single Node.js process, simplifying the development and execution of microservices.

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Create a Node.js API quickly and effortlessly

Leverage the power of the Fastify framework with Platformatic Service, allowing you to deploy a Node.js API with batteries-included defaults for all your needs.

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Have you ever struggled with designing and structuring your Node.js applications?

Building applications that are well-organized, testable and extendable, while also remaining simple, is not always easy. We explored how to build Node.js applications with Platformatic and Fastify, from scratch.

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