Your Node.js Development Companion

Embark on a seamless journey through Node.js development with Meraki by your side. Say goodbye to the complexities of setup and configuration, and hello to streamlined workflows and enhanced productivity.


This development companion exposes functionality available within Platformatic
Runtime and its Management API.

Effortless Local App Launch

Launch your local applications effortlessly within the platform itself. No more juggling between tools and command-line interfaces. Focus more on coding and less on setup.

Critical Runtime Metrics

Gain valuable insights into your application's performance with just a few clicks. Monitor memory usage, CPU utilization, event loop activity, and more in real-time, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.

Streamlined Logging for
Enhanced Debugging

Easily filter through aggregated application logs to identify issues quickly. Say goodbye to manual log management and hello to frictionless debugging.

Effortless Auto-Restart
and Version Management

Ensure minimal downtime with automatic restarts triggered by code changes. Stay up-to-date with automatic detection of the latest Platformatic version.

Simple Application Ecosystem
Navigation and Visualization

Navigate effortlessly through your application's architecture. Gain a comprehensive overview of services, plugins, and configurations, reducing search time and enhancing understanding.

Scalar Integration

Simplify API documentation with Scalar integration. Test endpoints, search offline, and generate code snippets seamlessly within Meraki.

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