Supercharge your Backend Development with Platformatic & Fastify

The perfect combination for scalable backend development

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What is Fastify?

Fastify is a next-generation web framework for Node.js that prioritizes speed, efficiency,
and developer experience.

Built with a focus on performance, Fastify offers lightning-fast routing, built-in input validation, and serialization capabilities to enhance your development process. Whether you're building APIs, microservices, or full-scale web applications, Fastify allows you to deliver exceptional user experiences at scale.

Key Features

Developer-Centric Design

Easy to learn, easy to use, with an intuitive and concise API design. Spend less time navigating complex configurations and more time building great applications.

Unmatched Performance

Real-time metrics to monitor and analyze API performance without requiring additional code.

Vast Plugin Ecosystem

Whether you need caching, authentication, or database integration, Fastify's 260+ plugin system provides the flexibility to tailor your framework to meet specific project requirements.

Built-In Validation and Serialization

With Fastify’s intuitive, type-safe schema-based validation, you can effortlessly handle input validation and data serialization, ensuring data integrity and efficient processing.

Built-in Logging

Platformatic uses a low-overhead logger named Pino to output structured log messages. Thanks to its unique multi-threaded setup, logs can be processed and distributed with minimum overhead.

Ready to extend your
framework’s capabilities?

Enter Platformatic, the Fastify-native platform designed to extend your framework's capabilities and supercharge your development process.

Built by the
co-creator of Fastify, Platformatic seamlessly integrates with the Fastify web framework and includes all the expertise in developing and scaling Node.js applications that we have accumulated over the past 10 years from the Open Source Community.

How does
Platformatic work?

“Batteries-Included" Developer Experience

Built-in best practices for building APIs, whether you prefer REST/OpenAPI or GraphQL (with more options on the horizon).

Automatic TypeScript compilation, while simply enabling JSON Schemas to be converted into a Typescript by using fastify-type-provider-typebox.

Automatic setup and configuration.

Streamline Development in One Simple Command

Run "npm create platformatic" to set up your project instantly - no more spending time on complex configurations or reinventing the wheel.

Seamlessly integrate with Fastify and Node.js and eliminate the need for complex rebuilds or re-structuring.

Using Platformatic & Fastify for Scalable Backend Development

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Platformatic simplifies the foundational framework components created by Fastify, enabling you to develop enterprise-grade applications swiftly and efficiently.

Seamless Integration

Platformatic fits into your stack, accelerating your development process without the pain of restructuring or rebuilding. As a Fastify-native platform, Platformatic seamlessly integrates with your existing Fastify projects, amplifying their capabilities without friction.

Production-Ready and Out-of-the-box

Platformatic combines all the best Fastify plugins and minimizes performance degradation by providing a ready-made framework built to prevent loop thrashing.

Unmatched Developer Experience

Tailored to Fastify users, Platformatic provides a smooth, simple and intuitive development experience.

Ready to level up your backend projects?

Take the first step towards elevated Fastify development with Platformatic, the only backend development platform designed for Fastify users.