Platformatic Composer

A new era of
service integration

Enjoy the simplicity of a distributed system, alongside the flexibility and customization offered with Node.js and Fastify plugins. Compose OpenAPI and GraphQL services faster than ever, without the need for your services to be aware of each other.



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Composer aggregates multiple services APIs into a single API combining different endpoints without you needing to write code. We detect changes via CI, with route duplication detection included.

Unlike the traditional federation model, our GraphQL composer doesn’t require services to be aware of one another and allows for a more loosely-coupled architecture as well as simpler third-party service integration.


OpenAPI & GraphQL composition

Works across multiple HTTP/REST API sources.

Resolve conflicts between different endpoints

Composer throws errors indicating API collisions.

Automatic schema refresh

Composer reflects all changes or additions to your service infrastructure.

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Getting started

Start a new Composer project with this configuration file:
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