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Unlock Your Development Potential

Tackling the Hidden Time Sinkin HTTP Clients

WEDNESDAY - February 21ST

Matteo Collina

In this masterclass, we unravel the complexities surrounding HTTP clients, providing developers and technical leaders with actionable insights to overcome challenges and revolutionize their development processes.

Are you a developer who is looking to...

Break free from the paralysis of choosing the right HTTP client for your projects?

Navigate through the maze of options, whether it's contract-based, simple REST/OpenAPI clients, or the advanced world of trpc?

Create a development environment where your API clients seamlessly stay in sync with constant connectivity, erasing the fear of unexpected breakages?

Are you in a management position and aiming to...

Strategically guide your team through the maze of HTTP client choices, ensuring optimal decision-making?

Optimize team collaboration by streamlining communication with APIs, minimizing manual work, and maximizing efficiency?

Mitigate risks and future-proof your technical stack by fortifying against potential API breakages?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these, our masterclass is tailored just for you.

Key points the masterclass we covered:

Benchmarking Fetch, Undici,and Axios:
Understand their pros and cons.

Tackling key HTTP client dilemmas, namely analysis paralysis, choosing between libraries, and addressing unexpected breakages.

Platformatic's Client Unveiled:
Revolutionize API consumption effortlessly.

Live Demonstration:
Building and utilizing an HTTP client with Platformatic.