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Unlocking Node.js' Power: A Journey into Fastify and Beyond

THURSDAY - January 25Th, 2024

Matteo Collina

Unlocking Node.js' Power: A Journey into Fastify and Beyond

When building Fastify, we focused on creating a framework that was both developer-friendly and capable of handling high-performance demands. But this was just the beginning, as we quickly discovered that developers were still looking for a “batteries included” experience for developing Node.js applications at any scale.

The transition from Fastify to Platformatic marks a shift from a framework-centric approach to a more holistic platform solution. This part of the journey involves creating seamless development experiences by supporting fast-prototyping, configuration Management, API composition, modular monoliths and microservice decoupling, API risk management, and distributed systems. Does it sound like magic? We’ll live demo all of it - it’s all Open Source.

In this masterclass, we explored:

Fastify’s design principles & low-overhead philosophy;

The key principles of extensible architecture;

How to build modern Node.js & Fastify backends

During the class, you’ll have the opportunity to ask Matteo your questions about Node.js application design.