The technical leader’s guide to scaling digital practices

Everything you need to know about developing, operating and scaling API products for modern backends

Welcome to the definitive guide that will transform your approach to backend development.

This book is your roadmap to mastering the intricate world of modern backend development and platform engineering. Whether you're a CTO, technical leader, or developer seeking insights to drive efficiency, innovation, and success within your organization, keep this book handy to guide you through the challenges that scaling digital practices can bring.

What's inside:

The current backend development landscape

Explore the game-changing impact of cloud computing, microservices architecture, and the API economy on backend development.

A deep dive into Developer Experience (DX)

Discover how DX plays a key role in unlocking developer productivity, satisfaction, and innovation, and learn strategies to create a thriving development environment.

The ins & outs of APIs

Dive into the world of APIs, from best practices to the business case for extensibility.

Unpacking key challenges faced by technical leaders

Delve into strategies for operational excellence in a distributed systems landscape. Learn how to tackle complexities, optimize development processes, and foster a culture of innovation.

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