Deploy your Node.js applications anywhere that works for you.

Whether it be on your cloud, on our managed cloud service, or self-hosted on-prem, deploy your Platformatic applications wherever is best for you.

Should you wish to deploy onto our managed cloud service, Platformatic Cloud offers pull requests previews, rapid deploys & observability built in.


The Platformatic Cloud environment provides a foundation for rapid development
and continuous integration.

Deploy out-of-the-box GraphQL and OpenAPI documentation

Automatic upgrades for all Platformatic dependencies

Integrated into your Git flow

Integrate with Platformatic’s GitHub action to enable “one push” deployment.

Measure your API performance

Real-time metrics to monitor and analyze API performance without requiring additional code.

Preview your API's PRs.

Test every Pull Request with its own preview URL.

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Platformatic Deploy

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Deploying Express apps to Cloud

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