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Your Node backend,
on autopilot

Build modern Node.js & Fastify backends with Platformatic's Open Source toolkit.
Reduce manual intervention with our intelligent command center for operators.

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Build APIs quickly

Platformatic is opinionated on distributed backends, but not prescriptive. With your team, create, package and publish configurations on your internal npm registry. Accelerate Open API and GraphQL development and cut repetitive tasks. Platformatic offers:

Batteries-included API setup

npm create platformatic@latest

Simple integration into existing
API ecosystems

Out-of-the-box documentation,
logs and metrics

Deterministic, composable templates

Quick prototyping

Automatic schema generation

Automate logging & tracing

Process and distribute your logs with minimal overhead with Pino

Employ Open Telemetry for distributed tracing within your APIs

Discover our composable templates

Works for you, your team,
and your architecture

Build APIs and scale your applications without compromising on best practices. Works with your architecture.

Innovate fast

Quickly build your base application with Platformatic Stackables' deterministic and composable template model. Go beyond starter kits. Take your configurations, package them, and publish them on your internal npm registry. Access & use the same core configurations.

Discover Stackables

Collaborate easily

Encapsulate templates into augmented npm modules to discover and combine new stackables effortlessly.

Fastify plugins are seamlessly integrated, providing a unified and up-to-date solution.

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We’ll be your BFF, allowing you to compose services by detecting changes and route duplication via CI.

No hassle and no need to write code.

Discover Composer

Rafael Gonzaga

Senior Staff Software Engineer, NearForm

For one of my projects, I tried Platformatic to see how it goes! I started my livestream on Twitch and within one hour, all my idea was complete, the backend was finished without any effort- very easily, just plug and play.

consume your API

Automatically generate a type-safe and low-dependency client from an OpenAPI Schema or GraphQL endpoint. Works for service-to-service and frontend-to-backend communications.

Based on [fetch], Platformatic Client runs on every JavaScript runtime.

From your frontend

Simplify frontend REST API consumption and create a dependency-free, frontend client. Create Fastify plugins to expose and create a client for a remote OpenAPI or GraphQL APIs.

For service to service communications

Simplify service to service communications with Platformatic Client

Consolidate all of your organization’s Node.js applications and microservices into a single unit for deployment. Simplify the development and execution of microservices. Run your application like a monolith, without losing the power of distributed development.

Discover Runtime

From concept to production on autopilot

Accelerate deployment, increase your application’s predictability and reduce OPEX with Platformatic’s intelligent control plane.

Discover the Intelligent Command Center
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High performing applications,
however you want them to run

Run Platformatic applications anywhere - whether it be your computer, your infrastructure your Kubernetes or container infrastructure - we mold to your needs.

Timer large icon 90 seconds

is all it takes to deploy a preview environment using Platformatic.

Why Platformatic?

Accelerate your backend development and reduce time to deployment.

Break free from boilerplate tasks and unleash your creativity.

Streamline development processes.

Improve your team's DX.

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