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A Fast Backend

Development Platform

Built with Fastify and Node.js at its core, Platformatic accelerates the development of modern backends and simplifies the complexity of operating them.

Code like a monolith,
scale like a cloud

With Fastify at its core, Platformatic leverages the power of plugins to allow developers to code like a monolith and later scale plugins independently. Start by running the following command:

Everything you need
in one place

Unlike building APIs from the ground up, Platformatic gives developers the building blocks,
frameworks and automations to build any bespoke platform, instructions included.


Developers can leverage the power of Fastify’s plugins to extend functionalities and to customize them to their needs.

Out-of-the Box

Developers can bootstrap a ready-to-go Platformatic app with just one simple command.

Collaborate, scale
and deliver

Development teams focus on creating the applications that matter instead of building the platform powering them again and again.


Platformatic was born Open-Source and it will remain open for our community to contribute to the growth of it.

Run Everywhere

Your local machine, or your cloud, or our cloud. Platformatic is designed to remove the constraints of where it can work.

About us

name:Luca Maraschi
role:Co-Founder & CEO
name:Matteo Collina
role:Co-Founder & CTO

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